The trades in Canada are based on a system that is centuries old. It has withstood revolutions, war, drought, and social upheaval because the trades system is flexible, necessary, and continually renewing itself. I am proud to be a part of it, and I believe that my Red Seals set me apart and stand for something greater than me, my time, and my place.

My name is Aaron Gillett, and I have been involved in education and the trades since 1996. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 1997, a teaching certification in 1999, and I began my first apprenticeship in 2001. In 2005 I earned my Red Seal as a Construction Electrician, followed shortly by my contractor’s license in British Columbia. After owning and operating my own company, I began teaching Electrician at a college in Saskatchewan. After several years there, I transferred to Fort McMurray and taught in Alberta. I became a Program Development Officer (PDO) with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission after instructing. In that role, I was responsible for all aspects of education for about 4, 000 apprentices. I governed the education for the Electricians in the province, and I represented Saskatchewan in Ottawa for the development of Red Seal products such as Interprovincial Examinations and Curriculum Guides. While working at Sask. Apprenticeship, I learned about the Industrial Electrician certification and went back on the tools to earn it. My efforts took me to Vancouver Island where I worked in industrial construction and earned my second Red seal in 2019. From there I worked in a planer mill in New Brunswick to build my skills with PLCs, and eventually returned to Alberta.

Electrical is a big field and I have not done everything in the trade, but I have a handle on most things. I have combined my formal education as a teacher with my vast experience on the tools, with my time spent in Ottawa to bring you the best course offered in Canada. I have worked all across this amazing country and I know what it takes to fill in the gaps of your work experience. If you have only done residential construction, I know what you are missing to succeed on the IP and I have you covered. If you have only worked in a mine, I know the gaps that need filling in order to make you successful. My courses are comprehensive and  no cake walk. They are for serious people and I am always here to help.